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Rievewa Cp-200, Pediatric Multi Functional Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair For Children Below 14 Years, Blue

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Paediatric Multi Functional Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair is designed with adjustable armrest and front casters, along with headrest and trunk support to provide optimal comfort for your child at every moment. The combination of Tilt-in-space and Recline system on CP-200 multi functional wheelchair provides a perfect pressure-free sitting environment for children. The whole series can be customized by professional engineers. Tilt-in-space seat offers pressure relief and a shift in the centre of gravity. Features: The modular design offers quick and convenient assembly, folding and disassembly. The multi-functional headrest can adjust to the most desirable angles. Suitable for: medium to serious CP children. Tilt-in-space seat offers pressure relief and a shift in centre of gravity. Compact when folded, requiring minimal storage space. Ultra light weight aluminium alloy frame. Detachable arm rest & foot rest provided. Elevated and swinging foot rest. Hydraulic reclining high back for a comfortable posture. Extra cushion upholstery provided to under arm, head & calg. Cloth look like water proof upholstery. Anti wheels for better safety and stability