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AEON Pulse Oximeter A320

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Product Description:
A-320 Fingertip pulse oximeter, based on all digital technology, is intended for noninvasive spot-check measurement of SpO2 and pulse rate. The product is suitable for use in family, hospital (including clinical use in internist/surgery, anesthesia, pediatrics and etc.), oxygen bar, social medical organizations and physical care in sports.

- Lightweight and Easy-To-Use.
- Color OLED display, simultaneous display for testing value and plethysmogram
- Adjust the parameters in friendly menu.
- Big fonts mode is convenient for user reading the results.
- Manually adjust the direction of interface.
- Low Battery voltage indicator
- Visual alarm function. Real-time spot-checks
- Automatically switch off when no signal.
- Standard two AAA 1.5V Alkaline Bаttеrу is available for power supply.
- Advanced DSP algorithm inside minish the influence of motion artifact and improve accuracy of low perfusion.