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Patient Transfer Chair, Seated Patient Lift, Shower Chair with Wheels for Seniors Elderly Handicapped controller.

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It is a multifunctional wheelchair, so it is an ideal choice to effectively meet the various needs of people with reduced mobility.

The MultiFunction Patient Lift Wheelchair is designed for versatility may be used as a bedside commode or shower chair. These high-quality lifts are comfortable, reliable and integral tools for caregivers.
Innovative 180° split seat and lifting rocker features adapt to a wide variety of body sizes and shapes. That means comfort at any height, width and weight range up to 240 lb.

product material
Spindle: Solid steel column
Pulley: Medical silent pulley
Bracket: steel pipe thickness 2.0mm
Seat plate: panel ABS / bottom steel plate
Handshake: Environmentally Friendly Rubber
Product Size:
Length: 700mm / 27.5in
Width: 535mm / 21in
Height: 940mm / 37in
Passed width:> 60 cm (can only pass through a door wider than 60 cm)
Brake: step on the brake
Bearing range: 0-100kg / 0-240lb
Total weight: 18kg
Outsourcing size: 400x620x770 (mm) / 28x24.5x30
Package weight: 23kg
1. The user's waist must be able to stand and stand, otherwise the user will lean sideways!
2. There must be at least one person to take care of the use, and the user cannot use it alone.
3. The gap between the bottom of the bed or the bottom of the sofa is less than 15 cm and cannot be used because in this case, the lift will not be close to the bed and sofa.