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Reclining Wheelchair with Reclining Headrest, footrest, with Toilet for Disabled

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The Folding wheelchair has wheels that have been designed for a versatile use and an incredible manoeuvrability both indoors and outdoors.

100% Resistant:It is made of steel and it has a robust and resistant structure. This way, you will make the most out of the propulsion strength, gaining in effectiveness and robustness

Handles With Brakes:It allows the attendant to stop the chair at any time

Its structure: it is very stable and resistant thanks to its top-quality materials. It can also be folded.

Its usefulness: Thanks to the variety of possibilities of the headrest, footrest and armrest. In addition, the fact that it has a headrest improves the comfort of this wheelchair

This wheelchair can be easily folded, which makes it perfect to go through narrow places, as you can open it later. Furthermore, the Folding wheelchair is ideal for seniors and those who have difficulties walking or moving around.

Material: high carbon steel
Total length: 106cm
Total width: 68cm
Total height: 87cm
Seat width: 46cm
Seat height: 50cm
Backrest width: 46cm
Seat depth: 44cm
Handrail spacing: 55cm
Solid front wheel: 18cm
Inflatable rear wheel: 63cm
Tire material: PU tire
Folding size (L×W×H): 88×30×77cm
Expanded size (L×W×H): 106×68×87cm
Colour: Black
Net weight: 18kg
Load: 150kg